Why Tactica

Consistent recognition of Leading preferred partners for key clients across industry verticals 

Successful in the 3E model for over 10+ years

Applauded for managing entire RPO for multiple international clients and in on-time launching of their business operations in India

Offices across major cities in India there by ensuring end to end execution of HR Lifecycle Management

Leadership/Executive hiring through confidential evaluation of external talent. This vertical @ Tactica recorded a consistent growth of 25-30% YoY

Overall closures up by 30% YoY & Revenue up by 24% YoY

Successfully executed Self Managed Account Teams for Key Clients(SMAT)

USP of closures in “Niche” skill area – Manufacturing, Engineering, IT & ITES

Tactica’s 3E Model

Success @ Tactica is driven by tested & proven 3E Model which is being implemented for more than 10+ years


This phase enables us to gain an clear & deeper understanding of the customers requirements by having open discussions with relevant stakeholders.


With our past rich experience and drawing new learnings from the industry, we engage with the customer in designing relevant/appropriate HR Solutions that are aimed to yield desired results


Right solutioning enables our experienced Team to execute/implement the process by seeking continuous feedback from all stakeholders thereby ensuring solution execution alignment with desired/identified goals.

Hiring Approach

Over the last 10 Years, we @Tactica have built a USP of exploring as well as implementing Creative
& Competitive sourcing channels/hiring approaches that enabled us to foster our execution strategy and in parallel maintaining the competitive edge at all times

  • Social Network
  • MI & Competency Building
  • International Reach/Connect
  • Technology Associations/Membership

Social Network

Extensive engagement and connect through social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. This approach largely enabled in bridging the Niche/Leadership skill GAP


MI & Competency Building

Successfully built “competency centers” or “COEs” for various Sectors. Built sizeable Manufacturing, Engineering, Product Management & Architectural teams right from Junior to Leadership level. Proven track record in Project Specific, Product Development & in Consulting Hiring.

Targeted Competitor Search

Built a MI ecosystem for mapping of key skills organization/location wise for Targeted hiring. Enabled Fortune 300 as well as many Startups in building competencies/skills across their India locations

International Reach/Connect

Executive hiring has been a major fueling factor for past few years. Many senior leaders from US, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc. sourced by us, are now titled as Directors, Sr Directors, VPs, SVPs, CTOs, CEOs for many organizations in India.

Technology Associations/Membership

Majority of Tactica Team members are associated with Technology Groups across the web. Hiring done from these associated groups like Stack Overflow, Github, TRD Group and other Technical/Functional groups.